Paternity Testing Questions IncreaseWho is the father?

An increasing amount of Americans are asking that same question.

According to a poll by a Utah firm that sells DNA paternity tests says that 12% of men and 10% of women say they have been in a situation where they thought a paternity test was an appropriate option.

There are a lot of situations where a paternity test would be helpful such as dealing with a divorce or child custody.

The DNA Testing people offer legal and non legal paternity testing services.  With non legal paternity testing testing is as easy as receiving your DNA testing kit in the mail and sending it back to our testing labs.  With legal paternity testing testing is performed in a certified laboratory and results can be used for legal issues such as child custody.

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One Response to Increasing Amount of Americans Questioning Paternity

  1. J Jansen says:

    I knew there was an increase in number of dna tests but did not realize it was due to increased challenge of paternity.

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