ImmigrationIf an individual wishes to permanently move to the U.S.A. as non-natives to join ones own family members, these people will surely have to perform an Immigration DNA evaluation to positively prove that there is a biological relationship regarding the alleged relatives. At The DNA Testing People we offer this sort of DNA test with the applicable authorities throughout the USA.

The immigration DNA examination is commonly a Paternity examination or Maternity examination. Various other relationship DNA exams may be undertaken in situations where it’s not possible to check the parents. Testing will be carried out through a 3rd party after having a particular protocol. Everything is going to be explained to you by our experienced counselors whenever you contact us to talk about your scenario.

The DNA collection will be performed at a local collection site according to your zipcode. If you want to start the proceeding, make sure you get a hold of us immediately at 866-663-5822 or even through email at


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